Retirement Process

Types of Retirement
  • Service
  • Early (Available to those age 55 or more, with 15 or more years of creditable service.)
  • Deferred (Available to those who are vested and have left City employment.)
  • Disability


The Process

For City of Milwaukee Employees

If you work for an agency outside of the City, contact your HR department.


The Handbooks

These handbooks provide an easy-to-read explanation of your ERS benefits in summary form.


The Calculations

CalculatorPension Calculators

How it is calculated: For Police Officers & Firefighters

How it is calculated: For General City Members Enrolled before 1/1/2014

Global Pension Settlement Benefits and their calculations


The Terminology and Links to Full Definitions

Contributions: Money going into your account. How much and from whom varies.

Creditable Service: Generally refers to the time you have worked as a member of the ERS.

Service Credit: Same as "Creditable Service" (above.)

Grace: Service credit granted for certain periods of unpaid time off.

Military Time: Service credit granted for certain periods of military service.

Qualifying Time: To qualify for a benefit, working more than 1/2 time earns 1 year of credit.

Vesting: After 4 years of creditable service, you have rights to your pension benefit.

Withdrawal Rights: When you can withdraw your accumulated contributions.

Resignation Process: Resigning from your job starts with a written notice.

Refund Application Process: Withdrawing your funds now, instead of retiring later.

Protective Survivorship Option: Protection for a survivor if you die before you retire.

Survivor: Designated person(s) who continues to collect your pension after your death.

Beneficiary: Designated person(s), estate, or Trust who gets a payout after your death.

Reciprocity: The ERS provides a benefit to some members with prior or county service.

Death Benefit: If you die while an active employee.