Retirement Process

Types of Retirement
  • Service
  • Early (Available to those age 55 or more, with 15 or more years of creditable service.)
  • Deferred (Available to those who are vested and have left City employment.)
  • Disability


The Process

For City of Milwaukee Employees

If you work for an agency outside of the City, contact your HR department.

Go HERE for information about upcoming retirement seminars.


The Handbooks

These handbooks provide an easy-to-read explanation of your ERS benefits in summary form.


The Calculations

CalculatorPension Calculators

How it is calculated: For Police Officers & Firefighters

How it is calculated: For General City Members Enrolled before 1/1/2014

Global Pension Settlement Benefits and their calculations


The Terminology and Links to Full Definitions

Contributions: Money going into your account. How much and from whom varies.

Creditable Service: Generally refers to the time you have worked as a member of the ERS.

Service Credit: Same as "Creditable Service" (above.)

Grace: Service credit granted for certain periods of unpaid time off.

Military Time: Service credit granted for certain periods of military service.

Qualifying Time: To qualify for a benefit, working more than 1/2 time earns 1 year of credit.

Vesting: After 4 years of creditable service, you have rights to your pension benefit.

Withdrawal Rights: When you can withdraw your accumulated contributions.

Resignation Process: Resigning from your job starts with a written notice.

Refund Application Process: Withdrawing your funds now, instead of retiring later.

Protective Survivorship Option: Protection for a survivor if you die before you retire.

Survivor: Designated person(s) who continues to collect your pension after your death.

Beneficiary: Designated person(s), estate, or Trust who gets a payout after your death.

Reciprocity: The ERS provides a benefit to some members with prior or county service.

Death Benefit: If you die while an active employee.