Consult the Member Handbook to learn about ERS, the Annuity and Pension Board and most importantly, your benefits.



These handbooks (which may be periodically updated) provide an easy-to-read explanation of your ERS benefits in summary form.  They are not intended as a substitute for the plan documents that provide the legal basis for your ERS benefits.  The plan documents consist of Chapter 36 of the Milwaukee City Charter, the Rules and Regulations of the Annuity and Pension Board, the legal interpretations of the legal advisors that have been accepted by the Annuity and Pension Board.  In addition, some of the actuarial factors discussed in these handbooks are approximations of the actual factors in effect at the time this book was issued.  These factors may change from time to time as our mortality experience dictates.  All benefit determinations affecting you will be based exclusively on the plan documents.