Limitation of Use and Disclaimer

This Web site is intended to provide general information to members and benefit recipients of the Employes’ Retirement System (ERS) and to other interested parties.  The information on this Site is general in nature, and is not to be considered a legal interpretation of the laws or regulations that govern the ERS.  Although we have attempted to create an accurate and up-to-date site, we have simplified and summarized many of the laws and regulations that govern benefit provisions.  The ERS disclaims any and all liability for any claims or damages that might result from using the information on the ERS web site.

Chapter 36 of the City Charter, the Rules and Regulations of the Annuity and Pension Board, Legal Opinions of the City Attorney, and state and federal laws, govern the rights and obligations of ERS members. No statement in this Site is intended to change the meaning or the interpretation of those laws.  Although the ERS attempts to ensure the integrity and accurateness of this Site, it makes no guarantee whatsoever as to the correctness, completeness, currency or accuracy of the Site, and will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the use of, or results obtained from the use of the information. If any conflict exists between information found on this Site and the laws, rules or regulations governing the ERS, the laws, rules and regulations shall prevail.  In the event that an inaccuracy arises, please inform the ERS so that it can be corrected.  Information contained on the Site may be changed or updated without notice.

The information contained on this Site is not intended to replace person-to-person retirement counseling that the ERS offers without charge.  Users of this Site are advised to seek confirmation of critical information before relying upon it.


Website Translation

The ERS provides a free automated translation service through links to translation software. Computer conversions are not context-sensitive and may not convert text into its intended meaning. The ERS does not guarantee the accuracy of translated text.

While the translations may not be perfect, the ERS attempts to make this service available to its visitors so that non-English speakers will have an opportunity to access the ERS website and obtain an overall sense of the information and services available from the ERS. Users are encouraged to contact the ERS directly with any specific questions regarding translation of the website.



Inquiries, requests and other communication may be sent to the ERS via email.  Because email is not secure, members who communicate with the ERS by email should not include their social security numbers or other personal information.  The ERS makes no guarantee, either expressed or implied, of the timeliness of its responses to emails or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the consequences resulting from action taken by recipients of email replies.


On-Line Calculator

The on-line calculator provides unofficial estimates that may differ from the correct amounts.  Estimates produced by the calculator should not be considered a final or binding benefit.  Eligibility for and calculation of benefits are governed by laws and rules in effect and cannot be altered by representations made by the ERS.  Because verified member information is not always used in generating estimates produced by the online calculator, the ERS assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the estimates produced.  All data produced by the calculator is subject to audit, verification and recomputation prior to the payment of a benefit.  It is not intended to constitute a representation binding on the ERS, and any error in calculation or in the data inputted is subject to correction in accordance with Chapter 36 of the Milwaukee City Charter, the Rules and Regulations of the Annuity and Pension Board, and applicable legal opinions.  The ERS disclaims any and all liability for any claims or damages that might result from using the on-line calculator.



The secure portions of the Site (where the user is required to enter a user ID and password to gain access to his/her information) are for legal and authorized use only.  Unauthorized access, attempted access, or use of this Web site is a violation of Wis Stat. § 943.70 and/or applicable state and federal law and may be subject to prosecution.  The secure portion of the Site is designed to present some limited information that the ERS has on record for the member.  This may include employment information, beneficiary information, pension payment information, etc.  Benefit estimates that are calculated on the secure portion of the Site are subject to the same limitations and stipulations as outlined above.


Links to Other Web Sites

This Web site provides links to other sites that may be useful or of interest to users.  Placement of the links on this Web site does not constitute or imply endorsement or recommendation of services, vendors, or products by the ERS.  The ERS does not warrant the accuracy or quality of the information, service, or products offered by the linked web sites and disclaims any and all liability for any claims or damages that might result from using any information from any web sites maintained by third parties and linked to the ERS' web site.  Linked web sites are not under the control of, nor maintained by the ERS, and the ERS is not responsible for the content of these web sites, which can and do change frequently; nor for any internal links that the displayed web sites may contain.