Upcoming Pre-Retirement Seminars

2022 Pre-Retirement Seminars


There will be four virtual workshops for General City, which start at 8:00am on the dates below and last about 4 hours:

  • Friday 2/25
  • Friday 6/10  
  • Friday 8/12
  • Friday 11/18 


There will be two each for the Milwaukee Fire Department and the Milwaukee Police Department. which start at 9:00am on the dates below and last about 3 hours:

  • Friday 5/13 – Police  
  • Friday 5/20 – Fire 
  • Friday 10/14 – Police
  • Friday 10/21 – Fire  


The areas that are covered are Retirement Readiness, Pension, Retiree Health Insurance, Retiree Life Insurance, Social Security and Medicare, and Deferred Compensation.  They are being done virtually because of the pandemic until further notice, and those that sign up and listen in will receive 10 Healthy Rewards points.