Service Credit

Also known as "Creditable Service," generally refers to the amount of time you have worked as an active member of the Employes' Retirement System. When used to determine a member's percentage multiplier at retirement, "creditable service" is for all intents and purposes time compensated as an employee for which credit is granted. In addition to straight time worked, it includes most paid off time, such as vacation, holidays, funeral leave and sick leave. Certain absences, including U.S. military leave, may also count toward creditable service. The amount of credit granted in a year depends on how much service was earned. An employee who is compensated for the full hourly basis of his or her position would earn one full year of service credit. An employee paid less than the full complement of hours would earn proportionately less. The annual hours basis used to determine creditable service is 2080 hours for most employees, 2015 hours for time worked as a firefighter.

There are many rules affecting creditable service. Some of these are discussed in the ERS Member Handbook. Complete rules governing creditable service are outside the scope of this web page. If you have specific questions regarding your service credit and how it impacts your benefits, call the ERS and ask to speak with a Pension Specialist.