In addition to Social Security benefits ( through the Federal goverment (if eligible - protective services employees may not be eligible for social security), the City has two different sources that may be part of your income upon retirement depending upon certain eligibility criteria - a pension plan, and if elected, a deferred compensation plan.



Employees who work for the City may be eligible for a pension benefit.  The applicable rules and the benefits administrator depends on the hire date: 


Hired Prior to January 1, 2024

If eligible, you are enrolled in the City of Milwaukee's Employes' Retirement System (  Eligibility and benefits are determined by Milwaukee City Charter, Chapter 36.  Information about ERS benefits can be found at and within the member handbooks (  Most full-time employees hired prior to January 2024 are part of this plan; part-time employees may be part of this plan too if they meet certain eligibility criteria.


Hired (or Rehired) on/after January 1, 2024

If eligible, you are enrolled in the State of Wisconsin's Retirement System (WRS) and the Employee Trust Fund (ETF).  Eligibility and benefits are determined by State of Wiscosin Statutes, Chapter 40.  Information about WRS benefits can be found at:  The WRS also publishes a retirement guide that you may find useful:, as well as an employee handbook (  Most full-time employees hired in/after January 2024 are part of this plan; part-time employees may be part of this plan if they meet eligibility criteria set forth by the State.


The WRS has several videos that may help educate you about your benefits.  These can be found at:  A good video that provides an overview of the WRS is


Please be sure to complete your Pension Beneficiary Designation form with the ETF as soon as possible.  The form and information about it can be found at  The direct form link is


WRS Benefits Specialists can also be reached at 877-533-5020.


New Hires: If you were recently hired, and you are currently receiving a monthly benefit from the WRS/ETF, please be sure to let DER and ERS know immediately.  A separate form (ETF Form ET-2319) has to be completed and submitted to the WRS within the first week of your employment.  The WRS will then determine your eligibility to continue to receive your WRS benefit while you are employed at the City.


Please note that while the WRS offers other benefits such as retiree health insurance and life insurance, the City of Milwaukee currently does not participate in those plans through the WRS.


Deferred Compensation Plan

The City of Milwaukee Deferred Compensation Plan (MDCP) is a voluntary tax-advantaged governmental 457(b) plan that allows you to save a portion of your salary (either or both on a pre or post-tax basis) now for retirement planning purposes. 


General information about the Deferred Compensation Plan can be found at the MDCP City website and at the MDCP Voya website (where you can also log in to your MDCP account). More specifically, please see:


Other Post Employment Benefits

The City currently offers retiree health insurance and life insurance for certain retirees.  The cost of these benefits may be subsidized based upon your hire date and your collective bargaining (union) agreement.  Please refer to the ERS's website ( for additional information.