Please be aware of scam artists attempting to get information and money from you. Using various tidbits of information, these people may attempt to impersonate the ERS, or other organizations you do business with, with the goal of eventually getting more information or even money from you. If you do not know the caller, or understand the reason for the call, please do not provide any information. The ERS will not call you and ask you for information without first clarifying why the information is needed. If you are uncomfortable sharing information immediately, get the staff member’s name, and call the ERS back at 414-286-3557 or 800-815-8418 (ERS’s main numbers) and ask to speak with that staff member – that way you will know that the person is reachable at the ERS office. Please note that under no circumstance will the ERS ever ask you to pay money in the form of gift cards, pre-paid credit cards, etc.


For more information about how to report phone fraud, visit: