Health Insurance Reminders

Note for Retirees with the City’s Health Insurance

As required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the City of Milwaukee, as the health plan sponsor, sends out Form 1095-B to retirees who have health insurance coverage through the City. This form is mailed separately from your 1099-R form and will be mailed at the end of January 2019. Please wait until February 15, 2019 before you contact this office for a replacement. Retirees who receive a non-taxable benefit, but have health insurance will also receive this form. Please note that the amounts listed on this form will only include premium deductions for the City’s health plans. If you have any other insurance coverage being deducted from your pension payment, including the City’s dental insurance coverage, please retain your December 2018 payment stub for those year-to-date totals.