Final Pay Stub

Attention All Members – Especially Those Receiving Duty Disability Benefits

Please be sure to retain all of your pay stubs, especially your December check stub or direct deposit advice. This statement summarizes your monthly annuity pay and deduction amounts for the calendar year. For example, you will see that all of your health insurance premiums paid for the year are found under the “Year-To-Date” column on your stub/advice. You may need this information when completing your tax return since health insurance deduction totals are not included on your 1099R form. IMPORTANT: If you receive a benefit which is not taxable and, therefore, not reportable on a form 1099R, such as a duty disability or accidental death annuity, this year-end statement will be the only record you will have of your payments. You will not receive a 1099R form; please refer to your final pay stub for this information.