Beneficiary Form Updates

Please remember to update your beneficiary designation forms for Life Insurance, Pension, and Deferred Compensation. A good rule to use is “if you do not remember when you last did this, if ever, it is probably a good idea to update your information.” Some members have not updated their forms in decades, and it is up to you to inform our office of life changes.


******Please find the correct contact information below for the agency from which you retired.******


GENERAL CITY, HACM, RACM, POLICE and FIRE, AND WISCONSIN CENTER DISTRICT retirees should call 414-286-3557 to request Life Insurance and Pension beneficiary designation forms be mailed to you. To print the forms at home, you may visit, click on “FORMS” at the top right of the home page where you can then find Life Insurance and Pension Beneficiary forms. MPS retirees may update Pension forms this way, as well. See below for MPS Life Insurance and Deferred Compensation contact information. To have Deferred Compensation forms mailed, retirees should call 414-286-5541. To print these forms yourself, you may visit and at “Directory” go to Deferred Compensation, scroll down to “Beneficiary Form” and print from there.


MPS retirees should call 414-475-8699 for information on Life Insurance and 877-457-9327 (Wisconsin Deferred Compensation) for information on Deferred Compensation.


MMSD, VEOLIA and UWS retirees should call 414-225-2049 for information on Life Insurance.