Page last updated: September 28, 2018

As of January 1, 2017, MetLife is the carrier for the City of Milwaukee’s life insurance plan.

This plan design affects MPSO and Sworn Police Management employees. 

For active Sworn MPSO and Police Management employees there are three types of benefits:

  • Basic Life Insurance – all eligible employees are automatically enrolled for a basic coverage of $55,000 the premiums for which are paid for by the City.
  • Voluntary Life Insurance – purchased by the employee at age-banded rates, in multiples of 50% of the annual base salary - not to exceed 300% or $300,000.
  • Family Life Insurance – purchased by the employee at a flat rate to cover his/her spouse/domestic partner and dependent children through the end of the year in which they turn 26 years of age (please refer to details for additional information).


If you are an eligible active Sworn MPSO or Sworn Police Management employee and intend to retire in the future, and would like to carry group life insurance while retired, at the very latest, you MUST sign up for  voluntary life insurance during the open enrollment period in the year prior to which you retire. Furthermore, if you are not enrolled in voluntary life insurance, and decide to enroll in later years, you will need to provide Evidence of Insurability (EOI) to MetLife. The EOI is a medical questionnaire plus other medical information and/or examinations that may be needed by the insurance carrier before allowing a person to purchase voluntary coverage.  You are only able to increase your coverage by 50% of existing coverage without the EOI. Outside of a qualifying event (e.g. marriages or births), if you add family life insurance during open enrollment, your spouse/domestic partner will be required to provide EOI (family life insurance terminates at retirement.)


All Active Employees Who Were in the MPSO Prior to 4/1/2018


If you are age 65 or older at the time of your retirement, and you have voluntary life insurance coverage in effect as an active employee on your last day of employment, and you have 20 years of creditable service, you will have 50% of your annual base salary at the time of your retirement as your life insurance coverage for the rest of your life at no cost to you. 


If you are under age 65 at the time of your retirement, the employee must have 20 yrs. of service credit and be enrolled in voluntary life insurance (any percentage) in order to have life insurance as a retired employee.

  • At the time of retirement their coverage is equal of 150% of base salary at the time of retirement regardless of the amount of voluntary coverage they carried as an active employee. They have the option to reduce coverage in increments of $1,000. This coverage is paid for by the member at the age banded rates.
  • Upon reaching 65 years of age the member no longer pays for the coverage. This coverage is paid for by the City. At age 65 coverage is reduced to 50% of base salary at the time of retirement (regardless of the amount the member may have reduced coverage to) and will remain at that amount for the rest of their life.


All Active Employees Who Became Part of the MPSO On or After 4/1/18 will be eligible for the following life insurance benefit at retirement:


Any member who has voluntary coverage at the time of retirement may keep or reduce that coverage and pay for it at the age banded rates. Coverage must be in multiples of 50% of their salary at the time of retirement, not to exceed the voluntary coverage they had in effect at the time of retirement


Upon reaching 65 years of age, as long as the member has kept voluntary life insurance, they have two options:

  1. Keep, or reduce, voluntary coverage by paying the age banded rates and the City will pay for $10,000 of the coverage. (Example: member has $20,000 and is age 65. Member pays $10.16 for $10,000 and the City pays for the other $10,000 for a total coverage of $20,000.)
  2. Member waives their voluntary coverage at age 65 but continues to have a $10,000 City-paid life insurance policy.


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Detailed information regarding the life insurance plan is available by calling ERS at 414-286-6157 and leave a message on the Group Life Insurance Hotline.