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Health Insurance Rates for Retirees for 2017

Different individuals have different rates for their health care coverage. To determine how much you may need to pay, please follow the link below that describes your situation. If you don't believe your situation is included below, please call our office to determine which set of insurance rates applies to you.

Retiree aged 65 or over         


Retired Fire Fighter or Sworn Fire Management, and

Retired Police Officer or Sworn Police Management, and                  

Retired General City Manager            

Retired General City Employee Under Age 65

     In Local MBCTC
     In Local 494 Electrical
     Not in Local MBCTC or Local 494 Electrical                     

Surviving Spouse                     

Early Retirement                      

Ordinary Disability Retiree        



Health Insurance Rates for Duty Disability Retiree, and                

           A Fire Fighter          
           A Police Officer      
            A General City Represented Employee

                    Represented by DC48; NMNR; L75; Assc of Sci. Pers; Assc of Muni Attys; L494 Mach; L61 San; TEAM; L139; ALEASP; Loc 195 Bridge Oper.; SNC; Local 510 IAM District 10; FED L494; Loc 494 Electrical (eff. 6/1/12); MBCTC (eff. 8/1/12); and Police Aides. 

             A General City Management Employee


2017 COBRA Rate Charts:

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