Retiree Health Insurance

Medical and Dental Benefits

The retirees that DO receive health and dental benefits through the Employes' Retirement System:

  • General City, Fire and Police.

All others need to contact their agencies to learn about their coverage:

  • Milwaukee Public Schools (Last names A-K)… 414-475-8158
  • Milwaukee Public Schools (Last names L-Z)… 414-475-8233
  • Milwaukee Area Technical College… 414-297-6504
  • Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District… 414-225-2049
  • Wisconsin Center District... 414-908-6000

If your agency is covered, upon retirement you are entitled to continue the medical and dental coverage in which you were enrolled as an active employee.

General City of Milwaukee retirees are eligible to continue with City of Milwaukee group health insurance if you had at least 15 years of City service. Premiums are based on negotiated labor agreements or Common Council resolutions.

Dental benefits can be continued for 18 months through COBRA after retirement from city service, at a rate of 100% of the full premium.

Haven't Received Your New Health Insurance Card?

Only if you are new to the City’s health insurance coverage or you made changes to your plan for the new year, should you expect to receive a new health insurance card(s) by the end of December.   You should begin using your new card(s) January 1st. These cards are issued by your health insurance plan, not by ERS, so please contact them directly. 

Provider Contact Numbers / Replacement IDs

To receive a replacement healthcare ID card, or any other reason please contact the appropriate carrier below:

    Carrier Phone Number
    UHC Choice 800-741-8786
    UHC Choice Plus 800-741-8786
    United Healthcare Care24 888-887-4114
    Medco (for Medicare retirees) 866-544-6963
    Medco (for non-Medicare, pre-65 retirees) 866-544-8642
    Medicare 800-633-4227
    MetLife 800-942-0854
    CarePlus Dental 414-771-1711
    Dental Blue 866-589-0582








If you have any questions regarding your benefits, or regarding unpaid bills, or problems with service, please call your health plan above. DO NOT call the ERS office until you have contacted your health plan and are unable to arrive at a resolution. ERS will attempt to assist you to resolve your problem, but in no case will ERS attempt to change, question or provide a medical opinion. Remember to document all of your conversations with dates, times and names. We will ask you for this information when you call our office.

Coverage Changes

Generally, you may change your coverage only during the annual Open Enrollment period held in October, unless you are in an HMO and moving out of the HMO coverage area.

If you are moving and need to change your health care coverage, contact the Employes' Retirement System at 414-286-3557 (or toll free at 1-800-815-8418).

Changes made during the Fall Open Enrollment period become effective in the next calendar year. To help with your enrollment, benefits sessions are offered at various locations during Open Enrollment.  

The Sherpa Program

Sherpa is a UnitedHealthcare program that offers a designated customer service team to help enrolled cancer patients with non-clinical issues such as insurance questions and claims, while providing advocacy and empathy along the way.  Learn more here.

Express Scripts

ERS wants to ensure that you are aware of a change to your prescription drug benefit through Express Scripts Medicare™ (PDP) for City of Milwaukee that may impact you in 2014. Due to new regulations in the Medicare Part D program, the Express Scripts PharmacySM can no longer ship certain medications without your consent.

What is Changing?

Beginning January 1, 2014, new prescriptions or prescription renewals that are called in or faxed by the member’s prescriber in 2014 will be pended in Express Scripts’ systems until you provide consent for the prescription to be shipped.  Once consent is received, the prescription will be released for processing and shipped to you.

How Do I Know if I Have an Impacted Prescription?

If you have a new prescription or prescription renewal requiring member consent, you will receive a phone call or a letter from Express Scripts informing you of this requirement.  This requirement does not apply to refills. This applies to new prescriptions or prescription renewals that you did not directly send to Express Scripts Pharmacy yourself.

How Do I Provide Consent?

There are two easy ways to provide approval and request your medication(s) be shipped:  

  1. Log on to and select the prescription(s) that you want to receive through home delivery. If this is your first visit to the website, you will need to register. Please have your prescription ID card handy.
  2. Call Express Scripts Medicare Customer Service at the number on the back of your Express Scripts member ID card, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. TTY users should call 1.800.716.3231.

Health Insurance Rates for Retirees for 2014

Different individuals have different rates for their health care coverage. To determine how much you may need to pay, please follow the link below that describes your situation. If you don't believe your situation is included below, please call our office to determine which set of insurance rates applies to you.

Retiree aged 65 or over         


Retired Fire Fighter or Sworn Fire Management, and

Retired Police Officer or Sworn Police Management, and                  

Retired General City Manager            

Retired General City Employee Under Age 65

     In Local MBCTC
     In Local 494 Electrical
     Not in Local MBCTC or Local 494 Electrical                     

Surviving Spouse                     

Early Retirement                      

Ordinary Disability Retiree        



Health Insurance Rates for Duty Disability Retiree, and                

           A Fire Fighter          
           A Police Officer      
            A General City Represented Employee

                    Represented by DC48; NMNR; L75; Assc of Sci. Pers; Assc of Muni Attys; L494 Mach; L61 San; TEAM; L139; ALEASP; Loc 195 Bridge Oper.; SNC; Local 510 IAM District 10; FED L494; Loc 494 Electrical (eff. 6/1/12); MBCTC (eff. 8/1/12); and Police Aides. 

             A General City Management Employee


2014 COBRA Rate Charts:


Pharmacy Manager (Medco)

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