Medicare Eligibility

Medicare Eligibility - informational only

If, at the time you are turning 65 AND possibly eligible for Medicare AND you are currently enrolled in the City of Milwaukee health insurance plan (this excludes MPS, MMSD, Veolia, United Water, MATC retirees) our office will automatically mail you a health insurance packet regarding your options. Please look for this information approximately 3 months before your 65th birthday. This also applies to any dependent (i.e. spouse) listed on the plan turning 65 and possibly eligible for Medicare. Please be sure to read this information in its entirety. Any questions regarding your Medicare eligibility should be directed to your local social security office and not the ERS.


Please note: at age 65, your healthcare coverage, or coverage for any dependent(s) listed on the plan, will not automatically be cancelled. However, Medicare A&B must be in place by the time members turn 65 or members may experience claim related issues and additional expenses from gaps in healthcare coverage. Please note that any retiree or retiree spouse “eligible for Medicare” regardless of age is required to take Medicare Part A&B. This includes any retiree or retiree spouse eligible for Medicare based on a disability.